01 June, 2018

May Mini Art Challenge Giveaway

Happy 1st June everyone, hope you are enjoying it.
As you know, my May Mini Art Challenge has come to a close. I would like to thanks all those who supported me on this challenge by holding a free giveaway. I will be offering the original artworks free of charge but only for a limited time, while supplies last and at a first come first serve basis. Simply leave a comment at the bottom telling me which Day (1-31) was your favourite and three reasons why; you can only pick one. You can also follow my progress on Instagram.
The deadline is Friday 8th June 2018 at 9pm BST.  
Here they are again:
Days 1-9
Days 10-18
Days 19-27
Days 28-31
I will contact you via email if you are successful and arrange delivery of the artwork. Good luck :-).
Bye for now.

Free Giveaway now closed!


  1. Day 29
    1. Colours
    2. Leaf motif
    3. Central detail of three leaves and string
    P. S. It was really hard to choose one only.
    Nena Leng :)

  2. Hi Nena
    Thanks for your response, I will contact you regarding the artwork.

  3. no 5. chinese, sun rise/set and relaxing :-)

  4. Hi Becca
    Thanks for your reply, I will be in touch regarding the artwork.