21 February, 2014

In My Sketchbook...


I've been neglecting my sketchbook lately...here are two collages from today. I used magazines, Washi tape, black pen, white marker and stamps.
Have a good weekend!
Bye for now.

20 February, 2014

Work In Progress...

Here are some photos of paintings I've been working on lately; they are not finished and need to dry before I work on them further. Here's a look-
Here is a look at the steps 1-6 for this painting, I painted all the portraits with water mixable oil paints. I then used magazines and wrapping paper for everything else. This is the original sketch.
In this one, apart from paints, I used handmade paper, flower petals, magazines, scrapbook paper and skeleton leaves. This is the original sketch.
So far, I have just painted the figures and the backgrounds with water mixable oil paints.
Here are the original sketches.
Bye for now.

17 February, 2014


It has been raining so much lately here in England and I can't remember the last time it was sunny and dry. Here are some photos of our walk in a nearby park, it was so great being out enjoying the sun.

Bye for now.

03 February, 2014

Hello February! and Work In Progress...

Its nice to welcome February, I can't wait for Spring to be here and for some warmer, sunnier weather.
How are your New Years' resolutions working out for you(if you made any that is)?
Here is an update of my work in progress so far...
 I added some pen detail on the leaf crown.
I also added texture to the background by using acrylic paints and stamps. 
Here is a close up.
Bye for now.