21 January, 2015

WIP Wednesday 6

Here is an update on last week's pieces.
Here I collaged the butterflies, pressed flower petals and two skeleton leaves.
I added a bit of sepia coloured paint to the model's face and body so that the bare canvas would not stand out as much and it also gives it an antique look.

Here I collaged the butterfly wings and used magazine pages for the floral headdress.
I will wait a bit more and see what else the paintings need.
Bye for now.

14 January, 2015

WIP Wednesday 5 2015

I thought I would set aside at least one day a week to go into my studio and do some work. Today was the day and here are two pieces I'm working on-
This is the image I started with-a page from a magazine, which I then transferred onto canvas using acrylic gel medium. In doing so the image is reversed.
 I then added acrylic paints and skeleton leaves.
This image is also from a magazine.
The image was transferred onto canvas as well and I used acrylic paint on the background.
I will let them dry and work on next week.
Bye for now.

06 January, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy 2015!
Welcome to my blog- for those of you first-time visitors as well as those who are not so new...
Whenever a new year comes along I try and reflect on what went on the previous year- what resolutions I made-which ones I kept, which ones were dumped by the wayside and what hopes and promises I have for the new year ahead. Sometimes I find it a bit depressing-as I don't always achieve all my goals which seemed so promising when I made them. I'm sure I am not alone in this struggle. But, by making these goals or resolutions-it gives me something to look forward to and stay focused on.
Here are last years:

  • Keep fit-I usually do 2-3 exercise classes during the week and have seen some real results, so want to keep that going. Maybe even take up a new sport.
(I kept this up till September-when I started working full time it was impossible to find the time to do it. I did try Body Combat which I enjoyed very much.)
  • Eat healthy & DRINK MORE WATER!!!
(Yes, was very happy with this one-managed to stay focused.)
  • Make time for art everyday- even if its a sketch or some journaling.
(Was not as succesful :-(. Mainly because of work commitments.)
  • Revisit and resolve some unfinished artwork.
(I'm okay with what I tackled.)
  • Create some LARGE paintings.
(Yes, created some larger mixed media paintings. But still want to make more!)
  • Teach and attend some art workshops-try a new craft or art technique!
(Was not able to accomplish this goal.)
  • Open an online shop.
(Nope, nada :-(. )

So what are my goals for this year? Stay healthy, creative and hopefully grow as a person as well as an artist.
Have you made yours yet???
Bye for now.