01 September, 2018

Happy September!

I know its been awhile since I've posted-the last time was back in June. I hadn't planned on taking a break but I got really busy with work and then we were away to Ireland and then Cornwall. We got back 2 weeks ago. These are pictures of one of the pebbly beaches we went to in Ireland.
I also saw some really cool street art in Waterford City.

Here are some pictures of Mousehole Harbour in Cornwall. When the tide came in the water was ice cold!
When we got back home, I know I needed to organise my studio before going back to work. I made piles of books and supplies I no longer needed and they all either went to happy homes or the recycling tip. I even got rid of a bookcase which was falling apart and because I had less books, I no longer needed it and it freed up more space for me. I don't have any before pictures, but here is how my studio looks now. 
I was also inspired to give my clock a make over; it not only looks pretty now but it works as well.

Well that's enough from me tonight, I hope you have enjoyed my mini recap of my summer.
Bye for now.