24 July, 2013

Taking a Break

Today was my son's last day at school before the summer holidays.  It was bitter sweet- he won't be seeing lots of his friends because most will be away and he'll miss them. I'll also miss my mum friends as well. Also he really liked his teacher and the teaching assistants so next year he'll have a new teacher but may not have the same TAs. Next year will be his last year at his school, then next July he'll move up to a junior school with older kids.
How scary is that?
On the plus side, he and I will have lots of time to play and sleep in. It also means less time in the art studio, so I will have to try and do stuff at night when his dad's home, when he's asleep or when he's at his football course. I decided I would not put any pressure on myself to write any posts and just take a break. I've also been thinking of doing some more sewing projects as well as doing some experimental painting techniques. 
I've done some more work on this painting since my last post, but still need to do more.
I hope you have a great Summer and I'll see you in September.
Bye for now.

13 July, 2013

Still Working on Stuff...

Sorry I haven't posted lately...I've been busy with lots of stuff at home and with helping out at my son's school. He has 8 more days of school left. Its been lovely and hot here in Wiltshire. Hopefully we will have a proper summer this year and we can enjoy the time he has off before he goes back to school in September. In the studio-still more projects to finish and resolve.
Not sure where to go from here, but I know they're not finished...
Working on the wing area, will add some pen detail...
Bye for now.