17 September, 2019

Invitation to Swindon Open Studios 2019

This weekend is the start of the Swindon Open Studios.
If you are in the Swindon area, please stop by.
I will be displaying paintings, prints, cards and work in progress.
I've also been busy this month with an art challenge initiated by Birgit Koopsen-Bernstein.
I will be displaying these examples as well.
Hope to see you then.
Bye for now.

05 September, 2019

A Visit to Swindon Museum and Art Gallery


I went to visit the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery over the summer to see the art exhibition Connections: An Exhibition by group 7 . The museum's curator gave a talk about the work and about each artist and their inspiration for this exhibition. It was very interesting and I'm glad I went. I took some sneaky photos. If you can make it, its worth a visit. Unfortunately it closes this weekend. More details can be found on the museum's website
Bye for now.

My Summer...


Over the summer I spent a few days in Cornwall, near Land's End with my husband and son. 
Here are some photos-
 It was bit overcast and cold that day, but I still enjoyed being by the water.
Too cold to go in though :-).

Here are some photos of the garden surrounding the house we stayed in. I loved all the textures and colours. They are great visual references.
This is where I sat to paint.
And here I am enjoying a cup of coffee.
 Here are mixed media paintings I did in my sketchbook.

Bye for now.

01 September, 2019

Preparations for Swindon Open Studios

Over the summer I’ve been getting ready for the Swindon Open Studios. They will take place on the last two weekends in September. If you click on the link, you can learn more about it, the artists participating, as well as where you can visit them. Here is a sampling of some of the work in progress.
These are mono prints on paper.
Mixed media on canvas
Bye for now.