27 February, 2013

What I'm Working On...


This is a piece that I'm working on now. I started it months ago but put it down to work on other smaller artwork. I tacked it to my bulletin board so I can see what it looks like hanging up. I did most of the work while it was on my small table in the studio. There are two others which are "sisters" to this one and will hang together when they are finished. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Bye for now.

22 February, 2013

Studio Cleaning-up

I thought it was time to do some cleaning up in my studio, its been on my to do list for a while. And its been over a year now since I've posted any photos of my studio.

I hung up some new/old drawings on the walls and some of my son's artwork on my bulletin board. I thought they would cheer me up on cold grey winter days.
Jack in his little bed.
I promise to do "something" with my mounting collection of cardboard boxes. I don't know what it is yet. I think I might be a cardboard "hoarder".They are in the corner for now. 
A view of our garden. I hung paper chains on the windows to make it look nice and colourful. This area is were I paint and do printing.

I am very happy with this area, so organised and clean. I wonder how long it will last. 
At some point I will get another bookcase for my books. Below, my trusty space heater. I could not live without it during these cold winter days and nights. 
When I tidy up the other side of the studio I'll let you know.
Bye for now.

16 February, 2013

Some sketches...

I've been a bit under the weather lately- coughing a lot and just general aches here and there. I think I've given my son my cough, he's sounding a bit froggy too. So I haven't felt up to going in the studio. I did manage to do some sketches on my iPad on my sofa and dining room chair. Here they are-

Bye for now.

04 February, 2013

Nine Panel Project

I've made some progress on that nine panel piece I wrote about recently.
Its not finished, but here are my steps so far.
 I decided to combine these two sketches for the background design.  
I wanted a sepia tonal wash to start with so I tinted the panel with black coffee.
Once dry, I drew my pattern over the nine panels.
I wanted to keep some areas light brown, so I then painted those areas with masking fluid.

Once the masking fluid was dry I painted the background with acrylic inks.
Once the acrylic inks were dry I removed the masking fluid.
I then transferred a few magazine images on to four of the panel. I wanted to follow the pattern which I drew on the panels. I then decided I need to add more images.
I then added three types of rubber stamps and some collage in areas.
I'm really happy with how its progressing. But I need to sit with it a bit longer to see what I should do next. I'll have to move them into my studio now- I've been working at home on my dining room table. But before that can happen, I need to tidy up and do some organisation. Its a bit of a mess right now.  I will keep you posted on my progression.
Bye for now.

03 February, 2013

Valentines Craft Market

This Saturday I will have a stall at the Swindon Arts Centre in Old Town.
Below is a sample of some of the things I will be selling; most are £15 or less. So if you still need a Valentines present for that special someone, come on down and have a look. 
Swindon Arts Centre
Saturday, 9th February 2013
Devizes Road
Swindon, Wiltshire
Bye for now.

01 February, 2013

Hello February

Happy 1st February Everyone.

I had an idea to do a nine canvas panel piece. Here are some sketches I did today with coloured pencils on paper. I'm not sure which design I like best, I may do other sketches or combine an element of each of these designs into one. I will choose one to be the background design. I intend to use various techniques like stencilling, stamping, painting and image transfer. I'll show more photos as the piece evolves.
Bye for now.