21 June, 2012

Thread Paintings...


A bit of fabric and acrylic inks all sewn on watercolour paper using my trusty sewing machine.
Bye for now.

16 June, 2012

New Work-update

I've been busy in the studio today working on my coffee stained paintings. They don't have titles yet, I'm still working on that.
Untitled 1- I stencilled a pattern and butterfly stamp with a rust coloured ink.
I also made circles with purple and yellow ink.
 I then added butterfly cut-outs from images I had scanned on my computer and printed on special inkjet paper.
 Untitled 2-Here, I stencilled the pattern in a different direction and also used the butterfly stamp and circles.
 I then also added butterflies to this one as well.
 Untitled 3-  I repeated the pattern again in another direction and also used the butterfly stamp and circles.
I then added an even bigger butterfly as my focal point.
I'm really excited with the way they are developing. 
Bye for now.

15 June, 2012


Some more artwork to brighten your day.
Watercolour paints, pencil and black pen on watercolour paper. 
Bye for now.

13 June, 2012

"The Sun's Out Mummy"

I woke up today to my son saying "The sun's out Mummy". Yay!! This gave me a bit of spring in my step- I was even inspired to tidy up the kitchen this morning before doing the school run!
Some changes in the garden from all the rain we've been having...
Our apple tree is developing nicely, some small apples are starting to appear.
My son's looking forward to picking them and "sharing the apples with our neighbours"-how cute.

Bye for now.

12 June, 2012

11 June, 2012

Rainy Day Artwork...

The weather here in Swindon, Wiltshire is a bit wet and dreary. It's been raining all day and seems like more of the same for the rest of the week. But it's England so what can I say, just put your Hunter wellies on (mine are Hunter Green-of course) and make the most of it. Here's some art to brighten your day if its rainy like mine.
Bye for now.

09 June, 2012

New Work

Here are three mixed media pieces I'm working on.
I started them a couple of months ago-just the background, using the coffee staining technique I used before. Today I added white doilies on each of the three pieces using gel medium.
I then painted three other doilies using transparent inks. 
When they were dry, I used gel medium to adhere them to the paper.
When I brushed the gel medium on this piece it tore.
Rather than put it neatly back with the rest of the doily, I'll leave it. I think it looks interesting.
There is still more to do, I will have to sleep on it and see what next week brings.
I'm not sure on titles yet, the idea is that all three will hang together horizontally on the wall.
Do you have a suggestion for a title(s)?
Bye for now.

Work in my sketchbook.

Just two pieces I did today in my sketchbook. I used magazine images for the shapes and watercolour paints in the background. The large black butterflies were made using a stamp I designed.
I really like using butterflies in my work.

Bye for now.