16 June, 2012

New Work-update

I've been busy in the studio today working on my coffee stained paintings. They don't have titles yet, I'm still working on that.
Untitled 1- I stencilled a pattern and butterfly stamp with a rust coloured ink.
I also made circles with purple and yellow ink.
 I then added butterfly cut-outs from images I had scanned on my computer and printed on special inkjet paper.
 Untitled 2-Here, I stencilled the pattern in a different direction and also used the butterfly stamp and circles.
 I then also added butterflies to this one as well.
 Untitled 3-  I repeated the pattern again in another direction and also used the butterfly stamp and circles.
I then added an even bigger butterfly as my focal point.
I'm really excited with the way they are developing. 
Bye for now.

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