09 June, 2012

New Work

Here are three mixed media pieces I'm working on.
I started them a couple of months ago-just the background, using the coffee staining technique I used before. Today I added white doilies on each of the three pieces using gel medium.
I then painted three other doilies using transparent inks. 
When they were dry, I used gel medium to adhere them to the paper.
When I brushed the gel medium on this piece it tore.
Rather than put it neatly back with the rest of the doily, I'll leave it. I think it looks interesting.
There is still more to do, I will have to sleep on it and see what next week brings.
I'm not sure on titles yet, the idea is that all three will hang together horizontally on the wall.
Do you have a suggestion for a title(s)?
Bye for now.

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