06 January, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy 2015!
Welcome to my blog- for those of you first-time visitors as well as those who are not so new...
Whenever a new year comes along I try and reflect on what went on the previous year- what resolutions I made-which ones I kept, which ones were dumped by the wayside and what hopes and promises I have for the new year ahead. Sometimes I find it a bit depressing-as I don't always achieve all my goals which seemed so promising when I made them. I'm sure I am not alone in this struggle. But, by making these goals or resolutions-it gives me something to look forward to and stay focused on.
Here are last years:

  • Keep fit-I usually do 2-3 exercise classes during the week and have seen some real results, so want to keep that going. Maybe even take up a new sport.
(I kept this up till September-when I started working full time it was impossible to find the time to do it. I did try Body Combat which I enjoyed very much.)
  • Eat healthy & DRINK MORE WATER!!!
(Yes, was very happy with this one-managed to stay focused.)
  • Make time for art everyday- even if its a sketch or some journaling.
(Was not as succesful :-(. Mainly because of work commitments.)
  • Revisit and resolve some unfinished artwork.
(I'm okay with what I tackled.)
  • Create some LARGE paintings.
(Yes, created some larger mixed media paintings. But still want to make more!)
  • Teach and attend some art workshops-try a new craft or art technique!
(Was not able to accomplish this goal.)
  • Open an online shop.
(Nope, nada :-(. )

So what are my goals for this year? Stay healthy, creative and hopefully grow as a person as well as an artist.
Have you made yours yet???
Bye for now.


  1. New years resolutions: publicise SOS 2015 more widely and do a 10 mile walk per week.

  2. Sounds good. I've agreed to do something similar, with work colleagues-Race for Life. We will start training next week.