31 May, 2018

May Mini Art Challenge- Day 21-31

Here is a quick look at-
Days 21-29

Day 30
Day 31
So I've come to the end of my 31 day Art Challenge, it was both "challenging" and rewarding at the same time. Challenging because it forced me to commit to doing something creative everyday knowing that people would be looking forward to seeing what I came up with. It also helped me not worry too much about the end result-making a perfect piece. They each took around 15-30 minutes depending on how I felt the piece was evolving. Overall I'm very happy with the outcome. 

I was asked if I would continue this challenge after the 31 days and my response was-no. I need a mini break :-). But would probably commit to another challenge instead.
Thanks again for all your support and kind feedback.

Bye for now.


  1. Brilliant work Carmen - glad you enjoyed the challenge :-)

  2. Thanks Becca! Will probably have to do some tidying up in the studio again :-).