19 February, 2017

Art Marks 30 Day Challenge Has Come to an End-Days 21-30

So here are the remaining days of the art challenge. Now that its come to an end I can say I've had mixed feelings about it. There were times when I really enjoyed it because the prompt spoke to me and I could get in the flow of things other times I struggled because I couldn't relate to the prompt of that day. I also gave myself a challenge of just working with a limited amount of art supplies- watercolour paints, watercolour crayons, acrylic markers and pastels; I found I really missed using collage and adding layers in my work.
It also forced me to make art when I wasn't in the mood or was tired. Afterwards, I realised I enjoyed what I made in the end. But if I enjoyed or found everything easy; it wouldn't have been much of a challenge. So I would really like to thank Rae Missigman for creating this art challenge.
Thanks also go out to all of you who followed me during this journey and have given me some positive feedback. I hope this has inspired some of you to do more art, even if its 10-15 minutes a day!
Day 21-Bold
Day 22- Reflective
Day 23- Simple
Day 24- Primary
Day 25-Hidden
Day 26-Singular
Day 27- Continuous
Day 28- Painterly
Day 29-Confined
Day 30- Shiny
I would love to know which were your favourites.
Bye for now.

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