24 February, 2017

Art Marks 30 Day Challenge Giveaway

As you all may know by now the Art Marks 30 Day Challenge has come to a close. I would like to thank all those who supported me on this challenge by holding a giveaway. I will be offering the originals sketches free of charge but only for a limited time at a first come first serve basis. I will post them here again to refresh your memory with the day and word prompt. All you need to do is email me- carmen@carmenbnorris.com, the day you would like and why you chose it along with your mailing address and I will post it to you; you have until Friday, the 3rd March.
 1. Petal-like, 2. Needlework, 3. Concentric
4. Just 3, 5. More than One, 6. Gridded
7. Dozens, 8. Rings, 9. Chevron
10. Criss Cross, 11.Lines, 12. Puddled
13. Patterned, 14. Dashed, 15. Loose
16. Assorted, 17. Reverse, 18. Circular
19. Hashed, 20. Suspended, 21. Bold
22. Reflective, 23. Simple, 24. Primary
25. Hidden, 26. Singular, 27. Continuous
28. Painterly, 29. Confined, 30. Shiny
Once I hear back from you I will let you know if you were successful.
Bye for now.

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