16 January, 2013

Sixteen Collages for 16 January 2013

I just realised I'm still writing 2012 in my sketchbook. Note to self-change those dates
So, we are half way through January so far, how has it been so far? I just got back to doing some art a couple of days ago. I had been very busy at home looking after my son and husband- my husband had knee surgery right before Christmas so was pretty immobile afterwards. Which meant doing all the cooking, cleaning and little time for art. Now that he is walking around in crutches and isn't in so much pain and can do more things for himself, I can be a bit more creative. I sat with my sketchbook and just cut up loads of magazine images and just went collage crazy. Here they are:
I used an app called TurboCollage to make a large collage of all of them.

Here they are individually.
Bye for now.

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