01 May, 2018

Its Time for Another Art Challenge...

Happy 1st May!
I can't wait to welcome in the warmer weather again and ditch the coats and gloves. It started to warm up a couple of weeks back, which made me hopeful. But now its back to being cold again here in the South West of England :-(.

From time to time I like to give myself an art challenge in which I make something everyday for a month. It forces me to make time for art, which could be really hard at times. Especially because I work all day and I don't always have the energy or feel motivated or inspired to go into the studio. 

So everyday in May, I will make a piece of artwork in my sketchbook-either a collage, mixed media painting, drawing, etc and then post it on my Instagram page. Once I have a few to show you, I will post them on my blog. At the end of the challenge, I will then hold a giveaway-details to come :-).
I'm calling it my-

May Mini Art Challenge
Day 1
If you want more information on this challenge, check out my Instagram page.
Bye for now.