19 March, 2014

Work in My Sketchbook...


Here are two entries in my sketch book today. I thought I would approach my method of working a bit differently and set my timer to 15 minutes and see what I would produce. I tried to have most of my supplies at hand so I could work more quickly and not spend lots of time looking for stuff. I still struggled a bit because some of my paint was too watery when I poured it and didn't give me the results I wanted. And some of my markers didn't work well on wet areas (next time I will use a heat gun) but it wasn't too bad for a first try. After I had done the top painting, I had paint left over so I used it to make the second one. I then set my timer for another 15 minutes as well. This method works well to play with ideas and experiment with techniques before you commit to a large canvas or whatever else you are working on. 
Bye for now.