13 January, 2014

A Bit of Weaving...

I saw this really cute, and simple tutorial on weaving the other day on The Etsy Blog and it reminded me of some of the weaving I did back in college. 
I thought I would try to do something a bit more tactile, a bit different than my usual work. Following the steps in the tutorial, I created this small woven piece. I used some really nice yarns I had saved for a "raining day". Here is one example-

Here is another woven piece; this one I added a bamboo skewer at the top for easy hanging later. 

 Here's a close up.
I might try making a loom on something more studier than cardboard for the next one and see how that goes. The two projects were pretty quick and easy. You don't even need yarn, you can probably use twigs, straw, ribbon or even fabric. And then maybe embellish with beads or buttons.
Why don't you have a go?
Bye for now.

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