01 September, 2012

Happy 1st September and Work in Progress...

Happy 1st September everyone.
My son will be starting school again next week. Last year he was in the Badgers class at his school, this year he'll be in the Rabbits class. When I asked him if he looking forward to school he said-"Boring, homework is boring". That was also his reaction when I asked him what he thought of his first year at school back in July.
He's missing his school friends though and I'm glad he'll be going back soon, for both our sakes. He'll be fine once he sees everyone and they all get back into their routines. I know he's looking forward to seeing his teachers from last year to tell them how he lost his first baby tooth and how he's got another tooth ready to fall as well.

This is a piece I'm working on at the moment- using an image transferring technique of magazine images, skeleton leaves, feathers on a coffee stained background.

Bye for now.

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