21 March, 2012

I Love Coffee...


Remember these?I thought I would re-visit them.

I started seeing lots of doilies lately, so I thought I would experiment with making some of my own. I wanted to expand on the theme of circles. For the doilies, I used various handmade papers- some had leaves and flowers in them which gave them a nice texture. I wanted to use thin paper so that some of the coffee stained background could show through in places. I created the doilies by folding circles and cutting out various shapes-just like when you were in school and made paper snowflakes.  I then used stamps over the doilies to add more interest. I also wanted to play with adding text. So rather use my own handwriting, I used rub-on lettering. I like the way they turned out. I think I will continue with this theme to see where it takes me.

Close Your Eyes and Dream
 Close up

Bye for now.

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