28 February, 2012

Tea or Coffee?


After making the previous prints using tea stained paper, I thought I would give coffee a try. 
I started by painting the watercolour paper with a thin wash of coffee.
 I then dipped a few circular shapes in the coffee to make circle stamps.
Some close ups.
I then thought I would speed up the drying process of the prints so I could work on them. I turned on the hair dryer, but that didn't work-the coffee stains moved around too much on the paper. So I set them down by the space heater on the floor. I'll see what they're like tomorrow.

Here is another experiment using circular stamps using the same coffee stained paper:
I brushed bronze acrylic paint on a toilet roll and then stamped a random pattern. I then dipped the other end of the toilet roll onto yellow paint for more circles.

I'll see that they're like tomorrow. 
Bye for now.

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