22 February, 2012

Handmade Rubber Stamps


As I mentioned in a previous post this month; I said I would try using stamps in my artwork and also experiment with making my own. These are some stamps I carved out of rubber erasers today, using an exacto knife.

 close-up of two stamps
 18. Untitled 1
 19. Untitled 2
20. Untitled 3
21. Untitled 4

These are all printed on white drawing paper using stamping inks. I will let them dry and then go back and add colour to the backgrounds. I like the look of the faded stamps where I didn't re-apply ink to the stamp. I like the variation of values of the same colour as I stamp along the paper. I will post any changes I make to the prints as they happen. So stay tuned...
Bye for now.

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