05 January, 2012

“It’s my birthday,so I’ll clean if I want to...clean if I want to...”

Christmas and NewYear’s Day are over; time to put the tree and decorations away. November and December were very busy months for me preparing for craft fairs and my art exhibition at Intel Corporation in Swindon. My 4½ year old son was off two weeks from school for the Christmas Holidays, so that for
me meant-little to no studio time. Plus, I had a nasty cold/flu right after Christmas which didn't help.
He’s back at school now, so what better way to celebrate my birthday then to clean my studio.

After a few deep breaths...a cup of tea...and Adele’s new CD blaring on the stereo I began the major task of cleaning my studio. The goal was to get it to some stage of order where I felt more in control. 
Where I could sit in and feel creative again.

Ahhh...That’s better.
Now I just have time for a quick cup of coffee and then I'm off to pick up my son from school.
Bye for now.


  1. Well done Carmen. What a fab job on sorting out the studio. If you should ever find you are bored we have an Attic that would benefit from reorganization!
    You should definately feel more inspired now with such a tidy space. Good luck with your new creations.
    Love Carol and All in Ireland

  2. Thanks Carol. Once I sort my own attic out, I'll give you a shout. But that won't be for a while. Take care.